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Versatile Magnetic Nanobeads Cooked by Zhen

Can you find the "GO!" written on the paper behind the vial? Why was it flipped?


Office window @ UCLA (Boelter-6279), photo by KJ Qiao
Sprouting. I was really surprised to find those micro/nano patterns by SEM (JEOL JSM-6700F FE-SEM) when I was looking for some magnetic nanoparticles deposited on the edge surface cleaved along the Si (011) crystal planes. The surface had been sputtered with a 2 nm-think gold film. I am not sure what the component of those vivid sprouts is (salt crystal?). Definitely, they are natural, elegant, and vigorous!      (10-20-2007)
      A cartoon pic for a presentation on "how did I get the hysteresis loop of a new memory device".
      Back when I was a child, I enjoyed playing such a "iron loop" made by my grandfather.
        A mouse-drawn cartoon for a presentation on water-soluble quantum dots (QDs).
                  An "AD" designed for Prof. Shen, my former advisor in NJU.