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Xinyu Liu

Assistant Professor
Canada Research Chair in Microfluidics and BioMEMS
Chwang-Seto Faculty Scholar
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
McGill University

817 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 0C3

Phone: 514-398-1526






Our invited paper authored by Xiao and Chen has been selected as a Feature Article of the journal Microsystems and Nanoengineering (Nature Publishing Group). 

The conference paper of Weize, Xianke, and Simon has been selected as a finalist of the Best Paper Awards at IEEE ICMA 2015. Congratulations!  Our collaborative work with Prof. Xuping Zhang's group has also been selected as an award finalist at the same conference.  

The paper of Xiao, Vicky, and Anan has been accepted by IEEE Sensors Journal.  Congratulations! (2015/06)

Tyler Clancy has started his new position as an Engineer at University of Ottawa.  We wish Tyler all the best for his future endeavors! (2015/06)

Xinyu Liu was invited to serve as an Associate Editor of the new IEEE journal, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L). (2015/05)

Xianke Dong and Xinyu Liu presented two papers at ICRA 2015 at Seattle. (2015/05)

Xiao Li and Vicky Wang presented a poster at the Canadian PE Symposium 2015. (2015/04)

Xinyu Liu gave two talks at ASME NEMB 2015. (2015/04)

The paper of Chen and Guowei is the Finalist of the 2014 Best Paper Award of Biomicrofluidics. Congratulations! (2015/04)

Guowei's paper has been accepted by Micromachines.  Congratulations! (2015/04)

The paper of Xianke and Pengfei has been selected as a finalist of the Best Conference Paper Award and the Best Automation Paper Award at ICRA 2015. Many congratulations to them for this great honour!! (2015/04)

The paper of Pengfei, Weize, and Alex won the Best Paper Award at the 2014 ASME IMECE Microfluidics Symposium.  Congratulations!! (2015/03)

The paper of Pengfei, Weize, and Alex has been accepted by Biomedical Microdevices. Congratulations! (2015/01)

Xiao presented a paper at IEEE MEMS 2015, Estoril, Portugal. (2015/01)

The paper of Weize and Alex has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering.  Congratulations! (2015/01)

The paper of Xiao, Vicky, and Chen has been accepted by ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. Congratulations! (2014/11)

The paper of Chen and Guowei has been published at Biomicrofluidics. (2014/08)

Weize Zhang presented a paper at IEEE EMBC 2014, Chicago. (2014/08)

Xiao Li presented a paper IEEE NANO 2014, Toronto. (2014/08) 

Simon Silva-Da Cruz won the Best Poster Award (Bioengineering category) at the 2014 SURE Program Poster Presentation Afair.  Congratulations, Simon! (2014/08)

Xinyu Liu gave two presentations at AMN 2014, Taipei. (2014/05)
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