This Network serves as a platform for PhD students / Postdocs and young researchers in Life Sciences to assist the scientific exchange especially among young researchers in Luxembourg.



Monthly meetings are organized with interesting guest speakers from diverse research fields and different institutions among Luxembourg and the Greater Region. In addition, technical seminars held by BioLux members who are experts in their field inform about new methods. During round table discussions with employees of pharmaceutical companies, public- and scientific agencies as well as senior scientists from diverse institutions possible career opportunities for young researchers are shown.


Using a regular rolling system for the meeting location, the meetings are held in different research institutions like CRP-Gabriel Lippmann (Esch-Belvaux), CRP-Henri Tudor (Esch/Alzette), CRP-Santé (Strassen), University of Luxembourg (Limpertsberg) etc.


Listen, Watch and Learn from your research colleagues

Networking with members and guest speakers

Communicate your research and interests

See research facilities in Luxembourg

Meet new career opportunities


BioLux Network


Be informed about research done in Luxembourg

Improve your Network in Life Sciences

Offer help and advise to research colleagues

Learn new techniques and improve your knowledge

Unique opportunity for your career development

X = Science done in Luxembourg and beyond

 Email contact: biolux.networking@gmail.com

The “BioLux Network” is open to everyone interested in the field of Life Sciences, especially young researchers in Luxembourg and welcomes new members to join the “LISA” a.s.b.l.


Julia Kessler,
Aug 1, 2013, 1:47 AM