Physical Biology of Proteins and Peptides:
Theory, Experiment and Simulation

Mexico City, February 18, 19 and 20th, 2015

This conference is intended as an international, multidisciplinary scientific forum to discuss the latest developments in the physical biology of proteins, peptides and enzymes. It will bring together highly respected scientists which will provide key insights into the physical biology of macromolecules. The approaches covered in the conference range from theoretical methods like statistical mechanics and spin glasses, to ab initio and coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations, as well as new experimental techniques such as specific in-site mutagenesis in proteins and peptides and the design of new macromolecules with potential pharmaceutical applications, among others.

Top leaders in each of the three major fields of the conference will give plenary lectures. The conference is expected to boost a new paradigm of interdisciplinary approaches converging into specific problems about proteins, enzymes and peptides. Hence, the conference audience is broad: We aim to attract the attention of biologists as well as biochemists, organic chemists, engineers, computational scientists, physicists, and mathematicians. The venue is highly convenient since there are four major Research Universities in Mexico City's metropolitan area, with extensive undergraduate and graduate programs in physics, biology, medicine, engineering and mathematics. At this time, no other similar conference in Mexico or Latin America has taken place of has been programmed.

The program includes: 

  • 20 talks by national and international experts; 
  • Poster session for undergraduate / graduate students
  • Round-Table session on new trends in Physical Biology of Proteins, Peptides and Enzymes.
  • A dedicated issue of conference proceedings. 
Due to the generosity of the sponsoring institutions, no fees will be charged to those selected to participate in this conference.

The application to participate in this conference has been closed.