Ready to Transform your Teaching of Biology?

Top Ten Reasons to participate in a Regional Teacher Academy at Michigan State University this summer:

10. Registration fee includes NABT Membership, breakfast daily, an evening reception, a brewery tour, and celebration dinner

9. Focus on integrating the science practices (NGSS / College Board)

8. Enhance your current curriculum to better reflect the big ideas and unifying concepts of Biology

7. Practice scaffolding levels of inquiry into your courses

6. Explore biology curriculum building and teaching practices

5. Assemble a toolbox of formative assessment strategies

4. Build a network of support for excellence in teaching

3. Program developed in partnership with NABT, BSCS, and HHMI

2. Work collaboratively in a lab experience with other teachers

1. Start the year empowered, invigorated, and ready to engage your students

Transform your Teaching of Biology!