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Handouts and Assignments

Week 1: January 26- January 30:
Monday January 26: Introduction Materials: Course Expectation Packet
Tuesday January 27: NO SCHOOL/SNOW DAY!
Wednesday January 28: NO SCHOOL/SNOW DAY!
Thursday January 29: Lab information and introduction to living and nonliving items

Week 2: February 2-February 6
Monday Feb. 2: NO SCHOOL/SNOW DAY!!
Tuesday Feb. 3: Introduction to Warm-Ups; Characteristics of life Poster (see link above for instructions)-- work on poster in library-- DUE DATE: FRIDAY FEBRUARY 6!
Wednesday Feb.4 : Work on poster assignment-- due Friday!!!! Start Virus Article: Article and Questions
Thursday Feb 5th: NO SCHOOL/SNOW DAY!!
Friday Feb. 6th: Posters now due Monday February 9th! Work on Virus Article; Engineering Presentation

Week 3: February 9-February 13
Monday Feb. 9: NO SCHOOL/SNOW DAY!!!
Tuesday Feb. 10: Virus Article (h/w if not finished in class); Introduction to Classification and Organization (vocab words): Silly Science  
Wednesday Feb. 11: Finish Silly Science and work on dichotomous key packet (Whale and Dolphin Dichotomous Key Packet)
Thursday Feb 12. : Finish Dichotomous key packet; Discuss Cladograms: PowerPoint Notes and Cladogram Worksheet
H/w: finish worksheets!
Friday Feb. 13: Review for quiz (characteristics of life, classification and three types discussed); Part II: Quiz

Week 4: February 16-February 20
Monday: Biological organization notes:PowerPoint ; Create Your Own Species: due 2/20 (some time in class to work on this assignment is provided): Instructions
Tuesday: Kingdoms and Domains Guided Reading:Reading and Color Code Portion; A Block: Work on Create Your Own Species
Wednesday: Overview Kingdoms and Domain Guided Reading packet and information:Packet and Notes: PowerPoint; Create Your Own Species; revised Virus Article: due Friday 2/20
Thursday: Finish kingdom information; Quiz 2 Review information and creation of study sheet: Topics for Quiz;  B Block: Work on Create Your Own Species
Friday: N/A

Week 5: March 2-March 6
Monday: Review for quiz 2; Quiz 2: Biological Organization and Kingdoms; Finish Create Your Own Creature!
Tuesday: Introduction to Theory of Evolution; Notes: PowerPoint Introduction Notes; Reading Selection: Reading and Worksheet
Wednesday: A BLOCK: Go over Reading Selection worksheet; Start watching "What Darwin Never Knew" 
                     B BlOCK: Go over Reading Selection worksheet; "Beaks of Finches" activity 
Thursday: Evidence for evolution notes: PowerPoint; Evidence for Evolution Reading and Questions: Worksheet
Friday: A BLOCK: Review evidence for evolution worksheet; "Beaks of Finches" activity 
            B BLOCK: Review evidence for evolution worksheet; "What Darwin Never Knew" 

Week 6: March 9-March 13
Wednesday: A BLOCK: "What Darwin Never Knew" and Finishing Population Bottlenecks and Founder Effect packet 
                     B BLOCK: Finish Population Bottlenecks and Founder Effect; Survival of the Fittest Activity
Thursday: Mechanisms of Evolution Notes: Speciation; A BLOCK: "What Darwin Never Knew" and B BLOCK: Finish Survival of the Fittest Activity
Friday: A Block: Hypnotist show; B Block: "Blackfish"

Week 7: March 16-March 20
Monday:  A Block: Finish watching "What Darwin Never Knew;" Textbook reading and questions (pages 326-330). B Block: Finish watching "What Darwin Never Knew."
Tuesday: Complete review of evolution and notes; Introduction Evolution Essay and Helpful Resources: Book Information and Paragraph Set-Up (AXES) and Essay Option 1 and Essay Option 2
Wednesday: Outline essay for evolution (see above for resources and options) 
Thursday: Finish writing essay (4 paragraphs in total); Review for Evolution Quiz
Friday:  Theory of Evolution Quiz (can use a study sheet). 

Week 8: March 23-March 27 
Monday: DNA structure notes: PowerPoint Presentation
Tuesday: DNA Extraction lab-- due tomorrow!
Wednesday: Introduction to Genetics and Punnett Squares: PowerPoint and Worksheet: Practice Worksheet
Thursday: Practice genetics problems; Start working on Genetics Project due Friday 4/3: InstructionsNotesheetRubric
Friday: Genetics Packet-- due Monday! Part II: Work on Genetics Brochure 

Week 9: March 30-April 3
Monday: Review genetics packet from Friday; Dihybrid Punnett Square notes: PowerPoint; Part II: Library to Work on Genetics Brochure
Tuesday: Review Dihybrid Punnett Squares; Helpful video link: Bozeman Biology: A Beginner's Guide to Punnett Squares; Work on Genetics Project: RubricInstructionsNotesheet-- DUE FRIDAY!!!!!
Wednesday: Incomplete and co-dominance information; Blood Typing Activities 
Thursday: Work on genetics brochure; Review study guide 
Friday: Project presentations

Week 10: April 6- April 10 
Monday: Review packet; QUIZ TUESDAY!!
Tuesday: Study sheet; Quiz Tuesday
Wednesday: Quiz (for all those that missed the quiz Tuesday); "Cracking Your Genetic Code"- for those that were in class Tuesday; DNA Technology 
Thursday: DNA Forensics testing information; "GATTACA" 
Friday: "Case of the Crown Jewels;" "GATTACA"

Week 11: April 13-April 17 
Monday: Finish and discuss "GATTACA;" Questions due Tuesday! 
Tuesday: Cell Parts and Organelles: PowerPoint
Wednesday: Review of cell parts: Worksheet; Cell Webquest (in library) 
Thursday: Review of cell parts; Introduction to Cell Transport: PowerPoint; Start of egg lab!!!
Friday: Review cell parts; Finish cell transport notes (see powerpoint above!); Continue with egg lab; Osmosis and Diffusion demonstrations! 

Week 12: April 20-April 24
Monday: Review passive transport (osmosis and diffusion); Continue with egg lab; Active Transport notes: PowerPoint; Quiz Friday!!!!!
Tuesday: Review of cellular transport (handout provided in class); Continue with egg lab; Lab Report Due 5/5: Guided Fill-In Lab Report and Lab Report General Outline and Guidelines-- Class time to work on lab report: 4/21, 4/22, 4/23 and 5/4 (part of class). REMINDER: Quiz Friday!!!
Wednesday: Review worksheet for quiz and video; Part II: Library to work on lab report (due Tuesday 5/5!)
Thursday: Review worksheet for quiz and video; Part II: ATC to work on lab report (due Tuesday 5/5!)
Friday: QUIZ!!!!! 

Week 13: May 4- May 8 
Monday: Finish lab report; make corrections on quiz and other assignments 
Tuesday:  Start new unit of energy and strength production: PowerPoint; Alka Seltzer Lab 
Wednesday:  Finish Alka Seltzer lab due Thursday; Start new section of unit-- chloroplast and mitochondria: PowerPoint
Thursday:  Finish notes on chloroplast and mitochondria (refer to PowerPoint above) 
Friday:  In-class activities and lab: Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis (finish in class Monday)

Week 14: May 11-May 15
Monday: Finish Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis activities; Introduction to Protein notes; Start "Allergies" video 
Tuesday: Finish Protein Notes:PowerPoint ; Start Organic Food Lab! 
Wednesday: Finish Organic Food Lab (early release) 
Thursday: Review for quiz Monday: Study Guide and Questions- due Monday!!! Part II: Library to work on Formal Lab Report 
Friday: A block: Work on study guide; "Allergies" video                                         B Block: No class 

Week 15: May 18-May 22 
Monday: Review study guide for quiz (homework due today); Quiz: Lipids, Carbohydrates, and Proteins 
Tuesday: A Block: Start notes on new section (powerpoint will be linked tomorrow); Part II: Work on Lab Report due 5/22 (last in-class day to work on it)     B Block: Special School Presentation
Wednesday: Cell Cycle, DNA Replication notes: PowerPoint
Thursday: Book notes on Mitosis and Overview: PowerPoint; Discussion of Cancer and connection to Mitosis; Review for summary/quiz tomorrow; Reminder: Formal Lab Report due tomorrow!!!!!!
Friday: Meiosis Notes: PowerPoint; A Block: Summary Assignment --- B Block: Quiz: Cell Cycle and Cell Reproduction; Reminder: Formal Lab Report Due Today!!!!!!!

Week 16: May 26-May 29
Monday: Finish summary (A block-- due Thursday May 28th); Introduce Cell Project-- Presentations and Due Date: Friday May 29: Project Instructions
Tuesday: Continue watching "Allergies" video; Part II: Project work 
Wednesday:  Part I: Work on Project; Part II: finish "Allergies" video 
Thursday: Part I: Project work; Part II: Discuss allergies video; quiz corrections 
Friday: Finish project; Part II: Start Ecology notes and discussion

Week 17: June 1-June 5
Monday: Presentations! Part II: Finish quiz corrections and discuss ecology 
Tuesday: Discuss Water, Carbon, Nitrogen Cycles: PowerPoint
Wednesday:  Finish Water, Carbon, Nitrogen Cycles; Cycle Stations
Thursday: Continue with ecology notes (full powerpoint will be up by Monday June 8th!); Start Abiotic/Biotic Web-- we will continue with these on Monday June 8th! 
Friday: Community Ecology textbook notes; Part II: "Shallow Seas" video

Week 18: June 8-June 12
Monday: Check and go over Community Ecology and Interactions: PowerPoint; Part II: Work on Abiotic/Biotic Web-- due Wednesday June 10th
Tuesday: Finish "Shallow Seas" video; Pond Investigations-- start; Biome notes (see powerpoint from Monday)
Wednesday:Turn in Abiotic/Biotic web; Biome notes (see notes above); Introduce Last Project due Monday: Biome Project Instructions
Thursday: Work on biome project (see instructions above); Part II: Review Ecosystems; Finals Study Guide: Packet