International Study and the Biology Major

WHY do Biology majors study abroad for a semester?


It has become increasingly evident that the ecological, biomedical, and biotechnology challenges facing humanity today operate at local, regional, and global scales.  The management and ultimate resolution of these challenges will often involve understanding and cooperation that span regional, national, and international borders.  International study provides a unique opportunity for students to experience different environments, different cultures, different perspectives and different ways to approach the basic and applied research questions of the day.  Additionally, semester-abroad programs provide an immersion experience that helps students build self-awareness and self-confidence that is essential when they begin their next development phase whether that be entering a competitive employment market or integrating into a graduate, professional, or medical school environment. 

The opportunity to immerse oneself in another culture or language helps students examine their own ethnocentric views and develop a more integrated, global perspective.  International study experiences provide students with opportunities for personal and professional growth to help them meet the challenges of today and to become the creative and visionary problem-solvers of tomorrow.  It also provides valuable preparation for students considering advanced graduate study or careers in wildlife biology, conservation biology, biomedicine, public health, molecular biology, and biotechnology.