We are looking for new Masters and PhD students planning to apply to the Bioengineering Department at the University of Texas in Arlington.
Students aiming to grow their skills in applied immunology, biochemical systems, or bionanomaterials development should email Dr. Jaworski.

함께 일하고 싶은 석사, 박사학생들을 찾습니다. 응용 유전학, 생화학 시스템, 나노시스템 개발에 관심있고 함께 실력을 넓혀보고 싶은 학생들은 Dr. Jaworski 에게 이메일 주시기 바랍니다.
The Bionano Systems Engineering Lab will soon be moving to the University of Texas, Arlington. In our lab, we apply biological systems to applications in chemistry, medicine, and materials research. Using a combination of biochemical and nanomaterials research, we will continue to produce exciting and revolutionary tools for innovative products and devices.

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