PI: Dr. Justyn Jaworski  
Assistant Professor - Chemical Engineering (Bioengineering @ Univ. of Texas, Arlington from 2017)
Phone: +82 (0)2 2220 2339 
Office/Lab: B121 신소재공학관          
Mail: justynj (AT) hanyang (D0T) ac (D0T) kr

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Senior Research Fellow: Gyeongsang National Univ. - Chemistry/BK21 (2010-2011)
Post-doc: Cambridge (UK) Medical Research Council - LMB (Laboratory of Molecular Biology) (2009-2010)
PhD: UC Berkeley - Bioengineering (2004-2009)
BS: Boston University - Biomedical Engineering (2000-2004)

Graduate Researchers:
Eun-A Kwak        
PhD Student
Research Interests-Site Specific Chemical Modification of Filamentous Bacteriophage for 3D Virus Materials Development.
Suji Ahn        
Masters Student
Research Interests-Chemical Modification of Virus and Virus Arrays, Liposome Embedded Tissue Scaffolds and Cellular Reprogramming

Hwa-Young Cho         
Masters Student
Research Interests-Enzymatic Chemical Sensors, Heterogeneous Biocatalyst Systems
Hui Shan Cheok
Masters Student
Research Interests-Enzymatic Generation of Un-natural Amino Acids, Virus Engineering of Breast Cancer Imaging Probes

Grace Lim
Masters Student
Research Interests-Virus Engineering of Breast Cancer Imaging Probes