Group Facilities

Our lab equipped a variety of microscopies and scattering tools, providing in situ, in vivo/vitro visualization of biological specimen and thin films.  Recently, we are focusing on electrowetting devices and liposome systems, and installing the related experimental setups.
* Microscope
  - Atomic Force Microscopy (Pucotech)
  - Imaging Ellipsometry (Nanofilm)
  - Brewster Angle Microscopy (Nanofilm)
  - Imaging FT-IR Microscopy (Agilent)
  - Inverted Fluorescence Optical Microscopy (Nikon)

* Scattering
  - X-ray Reflectometry (Bruker)
  - Neutron Reflectometry (HANARO)

* Thin Films
   - Langmuir Trough (KSV, Nima)
   - Spin coator (Headway)

* Electric Properties
   - High power generator 
   - 4-probe

* Biological Prep. Setup
  - Clean Bench
  - GUV Electroformation Setup
  - Single Cell Manipulator
  - Highspeed Camera (2400 pfs)