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3 Publications in Soft Matter

posted Jul 16, 2012, 1:43 PM by Biological Interfaces
This month, our three publications are all accepted in Soft Matter. 
1. One is a collaboration work with Dr. J. H Kim of GIST, and Brice was participated in. Title is "Adsorption behaviors and structural transitions of organic cations on an anionic lipid monolayer at the air-water interface", appeared in Soft Matter, 24, 2504 (2012)
2. Second one is our long-lasting work, done by Dongjin, and Heesuk, in collaboration with Ka Yee Lee of U. Chicago, and many our collaborators (G. Tae, C. J. Yu, M. W. Kim etc.) Title is "Insertion Mechanism of Cell-penetrating Peptides into Supported Phospholipid Membranes Revealed By X-ray and Neutron reflection", Soft Matter, In press (2012)
3. The third one is Daihyun Hong's work, in collaboration with Mike James of Ansto.  This paper was selected as an inside cover article in Soft Matter (2012)