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Typical Handmade products from Calabria

Vai al Sito Italiano 



Calabria, with its mountains of Sila, has a natural unpollutted and pure asset which is inexhaustible source of products. The better are mushrooms which generous grow at the shadow of secular pine trees, cedar trees, fir trees, and are chestnuts and honey from chestnuts.



On the hill of Presila the green expances of olives, the woods of eucalyptus and the multicolour fields produce oil, table olives, honey. In the sea zone, the orange groves offer us a honey with heady aroma of orange blossom and, ripened on the Mediterranean sun, we can find hot pepper, tomatoes, aubergines, artichokes, ...


The Typical Handmade products from "Biolio" Company are prepared with selected, natural and fresh products following the traditional techniques, in respect of the Ancient recipes from Calabria.



The goodness, the taste and the aroma of these products bring back us to old traditions and make us rediscover the Ancient taste from Calabria.


These products are natural and genuine, with taste and aroma unique, and today are proposed in the famous Mediterranean Diet, for a balanced diet.


You can try even only one of the

“Biolio” products

to taste the quality and to feel the difference



List of Typical Handmade Products from Calabria.



  • Chopped hot chilli in oil
  • Eggplant fillets in oil
  • Dried tomatoes in oil
  • Mixed wood mushrooms in oil
  • Sila “bomb” in oil with mushroomsMelanzane a filetti
  • Small artichokes
  • Mushrooms appetizers
  • Bruschetta with mushrooms
  • Crushed green olives in oil 
  • Spicy minnows
  • Nduia


  • Mixed mushrooms patè
  • Green olives patè
  • Porcini moshrooms patè


  • Orange honey
  • Thousand flowers honey
  • Eucalyptus honey
  • Chestnut honey