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International Pasteurellaceae Conferences

The next conference is planned for 2021, in Philadelphia, USA.  

Previous international Pasteurellaceae conferences.

The 2018 Pasteurellaceae conference was affiliated with MedVetPath conference in Prato, Italy. 

International Pasteurellaceae Conference, 24-27th August 2011. Helsingør, Denmark (see pdf file below)

International Pasteurellaceae Society Conference. 12-15th October 2008. Sorrento, Italy (see pdf file below)

Pasteurellaceae 2005. 23-26th October 2005. Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii

International Pasteurellaceae Society Conference. 5-10th May 2002, Banff National Park, Canada

HAP Conference. 13-127th September 1999. Mabula Lodge, South Africa

HaemophilusActinobacillus and Pasteurella. 13-17th October 1996. Acapulco

HaemophilusActinobacillus and Pasteurella. 31th July-4th August 1994. Edinburgh

Pasteurellaceae and related organisms. 1992. Prague. Published as issue of Zentralblatt für Bakteriologie 

(International Journal of Medical Microbiology) vol. 279 issue 1, pp. 1-145. Unfortunately not available on-line. 

Here are papers found still widely used and cited (Bisgaard, Dewhirst, Frederiksen).  

HaemophilusActinobacillus and Pasteurella. June 1989. Guelph

Les pasteurelles et leur pathologie. 14th March 1986. Paris

HaemophilusPasteurellaActinobacillus. August 1980. Copenhagen

If you are aware of online material from the conferences please send the links. 

If you are in the possession of original abstract books that you can give permission to show on this page, 

I will be very grateful. 

View from Pasteurellaceae conference in 2011 (Bożena M. Korczak). 

Program from the 1st International Pasteurellaceae conference held in Copenhagen in 1980. 

Prato: the setting for the International Pasteurellaceae conference in 2014. 

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