Department of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, University of Kerala organized and hosted a series of biannual symposiums, ‘Bioinformatica Indica’ during 2008 January 17-19, 2010 January 11-13, 2012 Jan 12-14 and 2014 Jan 09-11 respectively. The foot prints of all the four episodes show a warm acceptance by the scientific community across the globe for its inherent creative and scholarly ambiance. The new edition Bioinformatica Indica 2016 is scheduled to be held on 2016 Jan 07-09 with extensive research themes related to Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Venom-informatics and Ayur-informatics. The vision of the Bioinformatica Indica 2016 is to provide a galaxy of eminent professionals in these fields with the aim of promoting academic and industrial collaborations and thereby generating fresh insight in the related areas.

In addition, the climate in Keralam, God’s Own Country will be at its pleasant peak in January, offering a memorable retreat. Kerala's enchanting beauty is its rich presence of coconut trees, boat race, Kathakali etc. As usual, Bioinformatica Indica packages some cultural content too in the form of a grand cultural evening.

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