Course Introduction

Site dedicated to the bioimaging (Bioimagiologia) course of FCUL (Fac.Ciências Univ. Lisboa)
Course coordinator
Gabriel G Martins, PhD
Assistants (2018):
Luís Marques (FCUL)
2nd semester Master's level. 3ECTs
Dept Animal Biology FCUL
Course is opened to other FCUL master students although registration requires pre-approval by coordinator.
In 2020 the course was attended by    students from Masters programs BED, MIEBB and BBC and Biostatistics.
This course has already trained >300 students, some of whom have become imaging experts themselves.       

Sinopsis: "Bioimagiologia" is a theoretical-practical course where students learn a variety of techniques used to obtain images of cells, tissues, organs, embryos and adult organisms. The techniques addressed include all major light microscopy (wide-field, fluorescence, confocal/multiphoton, super-resolution), macro & mesoscopy (light-sheet and optical tomography), and medical imaging techniques such as ultrasound/MRI/CT imaging, and pre-clinical imaging. We also address digital image acquisition (including techniques such as temporal compression and high-speed video, time-lapse and 3D/4D images), processing and analysis (densitometry, 3D image reconstructions, cell tracking, etc...) using mainly the open-source imageJ software. During the practicals, students attend demonstrations and get a 1s contact with different types of equipment to obtain images to later process and analyse. The course also includes lectures by invited speakers and visits to microscopy labs outside FCUL. Classes are taught in english or portuguese depending on students choice.

Confirmed guest speakers for 2019-2020 and lecture tittles:

Hugo Botelho (FCUL) - High throughput microscopy
Ana Viana - AFM lecture
Daniel Nunes (F.Champalimaud) - microMRI  - Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Nuno Matela (IBEB) - PET imaging

...and equipment "demos" and practicals

Gabriel G Martins (IGC) - Widefield, fluorescence, confocal/2photon, mesoscopy (light-sheet & OPT)
Luis Marques, - HTM, widefield micro & macro. Cameras.
Ana Viana (DQB/FCUL) - Atomic Force Microscopy - AFM
Maria Hanulova, Alexandre Lopes, Jose Marques (IGC AIF) - Mesoscopy, 2P, SD confocal/TIRF & SR
Daniel Nunes (Fund. Champalimaud) - microMRI
Unidade de Imagiologia Hosp. Sta Maria - medical CT and MRI
Clínica Europa (Carcavelos)IMAG Lisboa - Olaias (unconfirmed)
Manuel Francisco Pereira + António Maurício (IST) - microCT imaging (unconfirmed TBA)

Individual student assignments should be sent via email to no later than Feb 28th 2020 10:00AM.

they can later be downloaded from the "syllabus & materials page"