About me

Born in Switzerland in 1980, I grew up most of my youth in Holland, after which I moved to England. In 2006-2009 I attended the Diploma Course in Biographical Counselling with the Biography & Social Development Trust after which I opened my own practice in Equilibrium Heath Centre in Lewes and Emerson College in Forest Row. Following my wish to "help" I joined the Samaritans UK for one year, a volunteer based organisation to provide support for people in crisis facing suicidal thoughts. The experience left me with an increased wish to be able to include the use of anthroposophic medicines in my work. This is why I am now also studying medicine in Germany in the University of Witten-Herdecke.

As biographical counselling or speaking therapy is really the heartwork of my life I became active in many ways to develop this work further. Together with a group of colleagues I became part of founding the Professional Association for Biographical Counsellors (PABC) in 2009 and worked in the counsel till 2013. I was a teacher of biographywork in Emerson College (England 2012-2013) and after that continued teaching in the University  of Witten/Herdecke (Germany 2015 - ongoing) and in the post graduate course of Medical-Therapeutic Aspects of Biographywork (Germany 2016 - ongoing). 

Making a bridge towards medicine I trained in the Eugen Kolisko training in anthroposophic medicine in Stuttgart and the psychopathology courses run in Filderstadt. I am deeply interested in psychosomatic complaints and the immunsystem, in combination with biographywork and psychotherapy. More and more research prove that these may also arise out of trauma and shock in childhood, which can be sometimes traced back on a simple biographical lifeline. Thus the new research areas in Psychoneuroimmunology point at the exact same thing as anthroposophic medical aspects of  biographywork. 

At the moment my practice runs mostly in the University of Witten/Herdecke, however I am offering some individual sessions in England and Germany as a biographical counsellor until I am graduated and would be able to expand my workfields to include psychosomatic complaints and areas of psychoimmun treatments such as cancer and autoimmundiseases.