About me

I was born in Switzerland in 1980, grew up in Holland and after travelling around the world in many directions I moved to study and work in England. Here I studied Biographical Counselling with the Biography & Social Development Trust and started working as a counsellor in an NHS practice in 2008 as a trainee. I started my own practice in Equilibrium Heath Centre in Lewes and Emerson College in Forest Row after graduating. Following my wish to "help" I joined Samaritans UK for one year and trained and worked there as volunteer. I enjoy working with groups of all kind of ages and nationalities and started giving workshops and courses in England, Germany and Switzerland in biography work and therapeutic exercises. 

As biographical counselling is really the heartwork of my life I became also active in many ways to develop the work of biographical counselling. Together with a group of colleagues I became part of founding the Professional Association for Biographical Counsellors (PABC) and joined as trustee in the Biography and Social Development Trust. After a few years I left both to join the council in the Anthroposophic Society in East Sussex, the association of Emerson College and the International Young Medics Forum to improve the awareness of biography work and anthroposophic psychotherapy in the more therapeutic settings.

During my work in England I met the wish to be able to include medical support in my practice and this is why I am now also studying medicine in Germany in the University of Witten-Herdecke. Here I am now a big part of the year, studying medicine and working as a biographical counsellor in individual sessions as well as teaching in a 3 to 7 Moduls course in Biographywork for the anthroposophic psychology and medical department (IBAM/P). Making a bridge towards medicine I trained in the Eugen Kollisko training in anthroposophic medicine in Stuttgart and the psychopathology courses run in Filderstadt. I am deeply interested in psychosomatic complaints in combination with biographywork and psychotherapy. Since 2016 I teach in, and co-organise, the new training in medical therapeutic biographywork in Kassel, where biography work, trauma work and medicine all comes together for me.

On the workshops and courses list you can also see what other projects I have been involved with.