In counselling you can find objective extra support outside of the immediate circle of friends and family. Free from any obligations counselling is a warm and confidential space in a non judgemental environment. A counsellor is trained to give extra support to people who are facing difficult life circumstances such as anxiety, depression or bereavement.
Biographical counselling is also a very effective way to work with a personal coach on an area in your life that you would like to give extra attention. Such as changing your career, fulfilling a dream or improving your relationships for example. Biographical Counselling is a counselling method that combines modern research in counselling with holistic human principles (Anthroposophy). The method is recognised by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy BACP.
Next to individual work I also work with groups, offering workshops and courses. Please feel welcome to explore this website or to contact me for more information.
Warm wishes, Carine

When the sun is shining
and all is going well
I can travel great distances
and reach many happy destinations
I feel appreciated and respected
among many other equal human beings

But in times of shadow
it is another story
Life can feel cold
as if I am not welcome
or not good enough
and that gift I have inside
the gift of being me
slowly gets forgotten

Sometimes I just need someone
who helps me to remember
how precious I am
how rich and valuable are my resources
my love and my humour
and then I can find myself again