Welcome to the new biogenetic structuralism website!

Hello!  Charles D. Laughlin here.  One of my great frustrations has been that I no longer have control over what is available on my original biogenetic structuralism website: http://www.biogeneticstructuralism.com/index2.htm.  So the old site has become increasingly out of date.  Hence this new site.  The old site is still useful and I keep getting feedback from people who find stuff there that they could not find elsewhere.  I will not try to transfer any of the articles and discussions from the old site to this one.  Here I will start from scratch and develop a picture of where my own work has gone since my two primary co-workers, Eugene G. d'Aquili and John McManus passed away.  As I add new pages of stuff they will appear on the left.  I am starting off with news about my recent work on the neuroanthropology of dreaming.
Charlie Laughlin
You might want to check out my blog:  http://charleslaughlin.blogspot.com/.  The blog is pretty much a rant about the state of things in the world today.  To make sense of it, you should read it in chronological order.
If you wish to connect with me about my work or the webpage, you can reach me at: cdlaughlin@gmail.com.