Welcome to the Biodiversity Gardens of

                           Kimberley, South Africa website 

This website provides information on a local project to develop biodiversity gardens in the semi-arid urban

environment of Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa. It gives tips on how to attract a diversity of animals to your

garden, whether you are creating a new garden or already have a well established one. A list of indigenous

(native) plant species, many of which occur in the natural areas around Kimberley and are adapted to a drier

climate, is provided. We have several known biodiversity gardens in Kimberley and have started a list of these

biodiversity gardens.

Join us now and start creating or modifying your garden into a biodiversity garden and add your

garden to our list. 


Conserve biodiversity in your garden    

Developing urban areas changes the natural environment of the area and biodiversity is lost. At a local level

gardens are inseparable from the environment in which they are situated. Gardens benefit from and support

the richness of local biodiversity in surrounding areas. With changes in climate and in other land use gardens

are also becoming increasingly important refuges for biodiversity. We can encourage this diversity in the way

we garden.  It is not the size or location of a garden that is important, but the choices made when gardening and

the selection of plants that are critical.

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