BioFuelsON was established in April 2005, to conduct research into bio fuels, bio diesel, ethanol and wind energy. We are a research and development (R&D) company committed to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Jet-Reactor is the first patented jet reactor in S.A designed for intense mixing applications.
Currently these jet reactors are in use for several biodiesel plants.
The jet reactor can been use for any mixing application and normally enhance the process with huge  economic savings and much better mass transfer in chemical reactions.

Other projects under development.
1.White fuel-emulsification of fuel with water.(Burner fuel)
2.Wind turbine generators for higher wind-speed.
3.Acid mine water neutralization with fly-ash, using the jet reactor.

Research and development is carried out and overseen by George Nieuwoudt - on completion of tests, research and technology is sub-contracted for production and distributed by partners.

BIofuelsON consult for:
1.Biodiesel optimization & Plant design
3.Mixing of- (Liquid / liquid ) -  (Liquid / gas) and (Liquid / slurry.)
4.Blending of fuel.