Evidence-Based Practices: Are you Ready?


While evidence-based practices have been both recognized and utilized in physical healthcare for many years, the idea of evidence-based practices has relatively recently been making their way into the behavioral health arena. There are several reasons for this migration including managed care, advocacy from people in recovery regarding quality care and the increasing availability of information about these practices. This half-day course is designed to give a brief overview about what evidence-based practice means, how it relates to scientific research and what questions must be asked to gauge the readiness of an agency to begin incorporating evidence-based practices into the services offered to people in recovery.

Learning Objectives: By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

    •        Compare and contrast the essential components of evidence-based practices with traditional scientific methodology
    •        Describe the connection of assessment and diagnosis/problem identification with data collection and usage
    •        List the five primary areas needing to be addressed by agencies in terms of their readiness to support evidence-based practices

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