A Class of Biodanza

Classes of Biodanza are held in the Berkhamsted Town Hall. When you arrive, there is plenty of time for people to greet each other before we open the class with a circle, simply moving gently to the right.

Each class consists of a number of simple exercises set to music . The exercises can be done can by people of all physical abilities and you are never asked to go beyond your personal limits.

Some of the exercises are as simple as everyday walking, we use natural movements, you will not be asked to learn any steps.

Each class is a complete process so it is important to arrive at the start and stay until the last exercise.

The aim is to give the mind rest by allowing beautiful music to 'dance you'. Biodanza does not ask that we analyse anything, but just simply enjoy the pleasure of dance with ourselves, another and with the group.

Through the exercises of Biodanza we can evoke a sense of joy and well being beyond what we may usually experience.

It's fun and pleasurable and coming regularly enables a progressive transformation of our bodies, our health, our well being, confidence and self esteem.

It enables us to live in the moment, intensely and passionately, reconnecting us to the fun loving life force of the child within.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Philippa Kennan.