To a class of Biodanza

Regular Classes in Berkamsted,  St Albans and Binfield

London School of Biodanza

NEW! Biodanza Holiday in Corfu!

Biodanza is a dance of life.
Movement full of meaning - with yourself, another and the group.

It awakens the essential instincts needed for a healthy life.

All types of people of all ages come. Single, Married, stressed out Executives everyone can benefit.

Come and join us finding more pleasure and joy in life in a way that's simple and immediate.

"My aim is to have the whole planet dancing".

 Rolando Toro Araneda

Biodanza activates:
The Five lines of Vivencia

Vitality To feel our energy, our impulse to face the world.
Sexuality To feel desire & pleasure from our sensuality, to feel desire for life.
Creativity To put creativity and renovation in every day of our lives.
Affectivity To feel love, tenderness & respect for everyone & everything. Giving and receiving love.
Transcendence To go beyond the ego, to connect with humanity, nature and the universe.