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Bio.cz is a third generation social network designed to support and facilitate the green actions of its members while building relationships with organic farmers and environmentally minded businesses. The bio.cz site is designed to serve the needs of the Czech Republic and will be in the Czech language. If the model is successful it will be launched in other countries, starting with the US.

A core feature of Bio.cz is its ability to augment community supported agriculture (CSA). Consumers can get discounted organic food by negotiating directly with farmers, farmers will earn more by avoiding dealing with wholesalers, and revenue remains in the local community. 

Green businesses that advertise on Bio.cz will pay a portion of their bill in products and/or services, which will be distributed by lottery to network members using the Wish List tool. This makes advertising more accessible for small businesses while providing products and services to Bio.cz members. Members can increase their lottery chances through increased site activity. 

Bio.cz's s
ervices include regional eco-status reports, regional and international green news services, and green cultural events. Bio.cz will facilitate member commerce, barter and gifting through its members Wish and Offer lists. It will also include a green business search engine, allowing members to search for companies whose values best match their own.

Bio.cz will report in a fashion similar to the Facebook status line, ecologically positive things that it's members are doing.  If a member sees something that they like as an activity of another member, they can click on that status line message and go to that members Appreciation Portfolio.  On the Appreciation Portfolio there are a large number of ways you can demonstrate your appreciation for this person and or their actions.  There are always at least one "Free and/or Easy" items - an thankful email or sms which is suggested.  Apprecation Facilitators are part of the bio.cz staff (and it is a job members can volunteer for) and they watch the behaviors on the net and attempt to link people who might be generous, with actions they might wish to reward.

Bio.cz is innovative because it changes the relationship between consumers and advertisers. Potential advertisers must agre to have their ecological footprint measured and made public. Members are encouraged to make suggestions on how advertising customers can improve their ecological impact and reduce their carbon footprint.  Members have the power to restrict or reject potential and current advertisers based on poor environmental performance. Members are likely to purchase goods and services from Bio.cz advertisers due to the reinforcement of a good values match.  Vendors seeking a real green image will appreciate bio.cz's green branding and will participate in site launching partys

Bio.cz is effective because it has positive feedback loops for expanded membership, supports sustainable agriculture, empowers members, and improves businesses' environmental practices.

Part of the bio.cz story is the importance of stories, here are some we like about us: