BFU Micro Classroom

Your Window to the Perfect Study Group

BFU brings to you the novel concept of MICRO CLASSROOM.

BFU's Micro Classroom bridges the gap between the pace of your academic curriculum and your personal learning. At BFU Micro Classroom personalized lessons are offered on select topics with problem solving sessions in order to sharpen your skills and boost your confidence, providing a holistic learning experience.

How it works.

Do you have a doubt in specific topics in your syllabus and do not want a coaching center which gives only complete coverage of syllabus? Then BFU offers the perfect solution for you at BFU Micro Classroom.

You can send in the portion of your syllabus along with your level of study and book a session for that exclusive topic for about an hour or two. In this session, a lecture will be given on the topic of your choice in a very lucid manner. You are welcome to bring in your study group (up to a maxiumum of 10 students) in order to have a collective discussion on the topic for better clarity on the topic and get your doubts cleared.

This Micro Class Room is conducted online for students across the globe and can be arranged on live basis for students from Chennai, India.

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