On this site, you will find the works of 'Nautilus' (aka Biobob), a man in love with 'Heroes of Might and Magic 3', strange art and various other stuff. 

Nautilus has created many maps for Heroes 3, all of which take their places in the top rankings of difficulty, as well as overall performance. Using methods and ideas never seen before, playing his maps will provide an insight into the game you would have never imagined!

Nautilus has also written 'The Tactician', a paper on Heroes 3's game mechanics, in which many topics are wonderfully described.
You can check it out here -> The Tactician

In his free time, Nautilus play a lot of piano. Luckily, this is also the site where he uploads the pieces he learned from other creators, as well as his own creations. Unfortunately, Nautilus is a man of many duties, and only uploads sparingly. However, everything he uploads you can also find on his Youtube Channel.

If you want to contact Nautilus, please send him an email: