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Total Species Identified
by 26 April:
Total Species Counted
from 5 Feb to 6 March:
Some species were collected during the month but will be identified over the coming weeks. See total above.
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Mana BioBlitz Total Species identified to date:


Total on 26 April is 1,551


See the databases for more information and a breakdown


We finished!!


The total for the Mana land and sea BioBlitz 2011

at 2pm on Sunday 6 March was 1291 species!


This combined total splits into:

Marine - 665

Land - 626

This are great numbers. The higher marine figure reflects the number of available specialists that were involved rather than the true biodiversity of these two main habitats.

There are only a few entemologists in Wellington and our insect and spider and centipede pages have captured just a small snippet of these beasties that live in the Mana region.


Several specimens are in the hands of experts and are still

being identified. These details will be added to the

database over the coming weeks so the total will increase.


The Mana BioBlitz closed last weekend after a month of searching, fossicking, diving, digging, peering into crevices

and down microscopes and keeping a sharp lookout for

all species not yet listed. These eagle eyed scientists,

specialists, students, local school children and local people

are responsible for the fantastic total that we achieved.

Thank you to everyone for their involvement and energy.