Yue Yang (Vickie)




Yue Yang

Marie Curie EST

Research Fellow

GeneTime 3rd year PhD


Biology S-Block

University of  York

YO 10 5YW

United Kingdom

+44 (0)1904 32 8824


Research projects

Novel approaches to identify ancient proteins

The aim of my research is to develop novel models and software tools for the analysis of mass-spectrometric data from degraded and ancient proteins. 

Bone collagen is arguably the most important protein for archaeologists. Used for radiocarbon dating, stable isotope analysis. A number of researchers have claimed that collagen can be found in very old bone samples, including dinosaurs by direct sequencing of bone extracts by protein mass-spectrometry.

Mass-spectrometry database searching, is based principally on pattern recognition. If the expected sequence of peptides is not in the database the pattern will not be matched. Unfortunately in the case of collagen there are very few sequences in the database, including many species important in archaeology. In archaeological samples the problem is made worse by diagenetic change.

My project is to develop novel approaches to solve the above problems. Collagen pattern recognition and PTM pattern recognition approaches have applied to mass-spectrometry data. And UniColl, a hypothetical collagen database was built to identify ancient collagens.