My interests lie in northern European prehistory, notably the Mesolithic and early Neolithic periods. I have recently completed a fieldwork project on the early human occupation of western Scotland in collaboration with Caroline Wickham-Jones.

My particular focus today is on the use of plants both as raw materials for the construction of items of material culture and also the detection of starchy foods in early diet.Currently I am working on the role of string and string manufacture in prehistory and I have also recently begun extracting starch from dental calculus found adhering to ancient teeth to explore the use of starch in prehistoric diet.

I am a European Union Marie Curie Outgoing International Fellow and I have recently returned from a spell in Australia where I worked with a group of starch biochemists from the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources at the University of Sydney

During my time in Australia I had the good fortune to spend a short period of time in Central Australia with an Aboriginal woman, and members of her family, collecting and processing wild seeds.  This experience made me realize how important it is for us to acknowledge how little we understand the hunter-gatherer mind set, how very different it is from our own and how much we have to learn. 

I am collecting and processing samples of ancient starch from several sites, notably the Neolithic site of Catal Hoyuk, and the multi–period site of Kaman Kalehoyuk, both in Anatolia.  I have also recently collected material from sites in Nagorno-Karabakh, the Isle of Skye, Scotland, Ireland and England.

There is still no clear understanding of how survives into archaeological timescales. To study this I have created a team of international specialists; our first success is to have degraded ancient starch with a dedicated amylase thereby proving for the first time that starch can survive for several thousand years. 

With the help of volunteers and students I am compiling a reference collection of starchy tubers native to Europe and Anatolia.

I enjoy organizing international conferences and particularly focus on bringing together regional researchers in ethnoarchaeology.  Thanks to a Wenner Gren Foundation grant and the support of the Foundation of Lodz University I was able to co-organise a WAC inter-congress on Archaeological Invisibility and Forgotten knowledge.  

 Along with several collaborators we have recently been awarded another Wenner Gren Foundation grant to hold a conference on the archaeology and ethnoarchaeology of shell middens which will take place next April (2008) in Senegal. I have also begun to organize a conference on ethnoarchaeology in Pune, India with a group of Indian colleagues to take place in 2010.

I have 5 children and am therefore a leading expert in combining children with fieldwork, artifacts, computers, suitcases and au pairs. Consequently many of my publications are either not yet written or only recently completed and in press (see below pictures for the list). 


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