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...a photoBook is an autonomous art form, comparable with a piece of sculpture, a play or a film. The photographs lose their own photographic character as things 'in themselves' and become parts, translated into printing ink, of a dramatic event called a book... - Dutch photography critic Ralph Prins

Bint is focused on the following selections of photoBooks:

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Toekangpotret. 100 jaar fotografie in Nederlands Indie 1839-1939. 100 years of photography in the Dutch Indies 1839-1939. [Text: Hein Reedijk, Liane van der Linden, Anneke Groeneveld, Steven Wachlin, Ineke Zweers].

[Leijerzapf, Ingeborg Th.]
Fotografie in Nederland 1839-1920.

[Bool, Flip & Broos, Kees]
Fotografie in Nederland 1920-1940.

[Barents, Els]
Fotografie in Nederland 1940-1975.

Boom, Mattie
Foto in omslag: Het Nederlandse documentaire fotoboek na 1945. Photography between covers: The Dutch documentary photobook after 1945.

Roots Turns : 20th century photography in the Netherlands/ [Ingeborg Leijerzapf ... et al. ; transl. from the Dutch: Wilens ... et al.]

Roth, Andrew (ed.)
The book of 101 books. Seminal photographic books of the twentieth century. Essays by Richard Benson, May Castleberry, Jeffrey Fraenkel, Daido Moriyama, Shelley Rice, Neville Wakefield. Catalogue by Vince Aletti, David Levi Strauss.

Roth, Andrew (ed.)
The open book. A history of the photographic book from 1878 to the present. Ed. by Andrew Roth with essays by Simon Anderson and Ute Eskildsen, a conversation with Philip Aarons and a photo-essay by Gerhard Steidl, including a contribution by Robert Frank. Afterword by Hasse Persson.

Mirelle Thijsen Het Bedrijfsfotoboek 1945-1965 Professionalisering van fotografen in Nederland

Martin Parr, Gerry BadgerThe Photobook:A History Volume I

Martin Parr / Gerry Badger
The Photobook: A History Vol.2

Dutch Eyes: A Critical History of Photography in the Netherlands  by Flip Bool, Mattie Boom, Frits Gierstberg









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100 Important 20th-Century Photobooks

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