School of Economics
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics 

Current Position:

Associate Professor (without tenure), School of Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, 2015-present.

Research Interests:

Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, Decision Theory.


"Partial Ambiguity," (with Soo Hong Chew and Songfa Zhong), Econometrica, 85, 1239-1260, 2017.

Working Papers

"Intertemporal Consumption with Risk: A Revealed Preference Analysis," (with Joshua Lanier, John Quah and Songfa Zhong).
"Ellsberg meets Keynes at an Urn," (with Soo Hong Chew and Zhong Songfa).
"Multiple Switching Behavior in Choice Lists," (with Soo Hong Chew, Qiang Shen and Songfa Zhong).
"When Allais meets Ellsberg," (with Songfa Zhong), in progress.
"Does the Stake Size Matter in Penalty Kick? – An Experimental Test of Two-stage Matching Pennies Game," (with Lu Yunfeng), in progress.