Binimoy is a Bengali word meaning 'exchange'

Binimoy is a private initiative founded and managed by Stuart Rutherford and supported by a carefully chosen international circle of investors known to its founder, or to other investors.

Its aim is to encourage innovation in financial services for poor people in Bangladesh and elsewhere. It does this through investing in small-scale innovative financial services schemes, and through research and publications to stimulate more widespread innovation and experiment. Examples include a small-scale pilot scheme in central Bangladesh that is now being adapted for delivery by mobile phone in Africa, and the publication of several well-received books authored in whole or in part by Rutherford.

Binimoy investors buy 'shares' in multiples of £10 sterling (US$15), which may be sold back to Binimoy at face value at any time. Shareholders receive no financial return on their investment. Instead, they enjoy 'interest' in the form of regular brief reports on the progress of Binimoy's work. An example of a Report is given in the 'Current Report' page.

We invite you to invest in Binimoy now.