Bini Island For Sale

Located in Polillo, Quezon Province, Philippines

This Island is For Sale by the Owner (FSBO)

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Come take a look at our Bini Island for Sale. It is located in Polillo, Quezon, Philippines.

BINI ISLAND, our little round island with three meter beach front all around also has a long sand dune stretching about a 100 meters from it. Plus there is also a nice coral reef stretching about one kilometer long. Please see our interactive map below.

POLILLO is located about 18 miles off the Eastern Coast of Luzon bounded by municipality of Panukulan in the north, and the municipality of Burdeos in the east. Lamon Bay bounds it at the south, east and west. It is 15 miles west of the municipality of Infanta and 17 miles northern west of the municipality of Real, Quezon. It can be reached by motorboats three hours via Real-Polillo in the Ungos Port and a little bit shorter via Infanta-Polillo.


* Size: more or less 10,000sqm
* Almost perfectly Round
* Surrounded by white sand beach
* Crystal clear water
* Coral reef stretching 1km from island into sea (see map above)
* Great for picnics, vacation, weekends, camping
* Full of assorted Beach Trees and plants
* No Mangrove trees
* Freshwater available on next mainland (only 1km away)
* You can provide your own electricity on the island if you have a generator
* No one is living on the Island, but relatives keep an eye on it.
* The Island has tax declaration that has been paid by our family for almost 3 generations.


From Manila take a bus or shuttle van (about 2 1/2 hours) up to Real (near Infanta), then either a privately hire bangka directly from Real to Bini Island, which might take 6 hours OR

From Real take a ferry ride to Polillo town (about 2 hours). On Polillo Island take a jeep/motor (about 1hour)  to Burdeos/San Rafael. From Burdeos/San Rafael take a short Bangka ride (about 15min) to Bini Island.

If you bring your own car from manila to real, you can transport it over to Polillo with the barge.

(All of the times are rough estimates. Ferry and Jeep rides are scheduled)

Price:  USD 49,000

P.S. All The pictures were taken long ago but Bini Island still looks exactly the same. Please click on them to enlarge. (These are the only pictures I have available at the moment)