easily show rss content in JSF pages

What Rss4jsf Is About

Rss4jsf (download : ) is an open source tag lib that adds show rss content capability to JSF applications without writing complex code.


it's simple ,just  copy the rss4jsf-0.1.jar and the only one needed lib rss4jlib.jar(download from here : ) to your WEB-INF/lib folder. and add the taglib .

just like the code pic.

Thanks Harlan Iverson <h dot iverson at gmail dot com> 's work, now you can use the rss4jsf with Facelets and maven2.

To make rss4jsf work with Facelets you must add the included rss4jsf.taglib.xml to the META-INF directory of the jar.

To use the project with Maven, you must run the following commands to install jars manually:

mvn install:install-file \
-DgroupId=rsslib4j \
-DartifactId=rsslib4j \
-Dversion=0.2 \
-Dfile=path/to/rsslib4j-0.2.jar \
-DpomFile=pom-rsslib4j.xml  \

mvn install:install-file \
-DgroupId=rss4jsf \
-DartifactId=rss4jsf \
-Dversion=0.1 \
-DpomFile=pom-rss4jsf.xml \
-Dfile=path/to/rss4jsf.jar \

Getting rss4jsf hosted in codehaus's repository seems like a good way to go for the long run. Short term, Maven2 has Ant tasks that let you
interact with the local maven repository--there could be an Ant task that runs these commands for you.

Download from