Mission Statement:


We prepare students for future careers in various fields of science, medicine, and other pre-health professions. We discuss the requirements of the major, and offer advising help to those who need it, from basic questions about which class to take with which professor, to what career opportunities await a Binghamton grad with a degree in Integrative Neuroscience. We generally have a group meeting every month and hold fundraisers and other special events with students & faculty. This is a great way for students of all majors to get involved with a university organization through volunteer and other group oriented activities.

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We will be educating the 
children of the Boys and Girls Club this Wednesday, March 12.

During Brain Awareness week, the club likes to spread awareness about 
addiction, discuss the mental illnesses, enforce the importance of safety precautions such 
as helmets, and teach about the nervous system.

We will be meeting outside LH1 at 4:30.

See you all there!