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"Possession of a good lawyer is 9/10 of the law."
A message from David M. Bingaman:
I believe in giving back to our great community.  I volunteer my time to help people in our community and to help promote a legal system that is honest, fair, and respected.  Some people have a negative view when it comes to lawyers.  I want to change that image.  That's why when I hear of a negative story that involved a lawyer, I take the time to listen and offer my services if I am able to help.
Additionally, I have volunteered as a judge for the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) regional tournament ever since it has been held in Spokane.  As a former AMTA competitor and trial team coach, I appreciate how much work these college students dedicate to this program and the countless hours they spend preparing for the next closest thing to a real jury trial.  I enjoy giving back to the program that was the start to my involvement with trial practice.
Also, I have volunteered as a judge for the Thomas S. Foley Honorary Forensics Tournament.  This debate tournament for highschool students includes legal argument rounds for students to test their skills at presenting either an opening statement or closing argument for a trial.  I have judged many students and provided feedback so they can improve on their skills.
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