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Mostafa R. A. Khalifa



Mostafa R. A. Khalifa is a Ph.D. student at Department of Architecture at University of Camerino in Italy. Currently, he is a visiting scholar at Department of Architecture at Texas A&M University. He has been a member of BIM-SIM Research Group since fall 2011. His research project focuses on a poverty pocket's self-upgrading technology for metropolitans in developing countries. His research integrates BIM API application on critical urban context, parametric modeling, and sustainable design methods for poor communities. Since 2003, he has been working in academia as teacher and lecturer assistants both in Egypt and Italy.

Mostafa holds a B.S. degree in Architecture from Cairo University, Fayoum Branch in Egypt 2002, a Pre-M.S. degree from Cairo University Egypt 2006, and Master Degree in Landscape Design and Environmental Planning in Mediterranean Area from University of Catania in Italy 2008.
Fall 2011 ~ Spring 2012