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BILOTEcouture  is based on Edith's belief that there is something very special about creating from scratch.  The feeling of the materials in one's hands and the skilful mix of colors, all come together in a way that captivates the eyes.

Edith truthfully describes herself as a translator by profession and a hand bag and accessories designer by accident;  she literally stumbled and fell her way into designing to escape  the rigors and pressures of work, while  in a quest to find some form of artistic expression to a creativity which she felt needed to be uncovered and explored.  Edith’s creative expression also includes writing fashion features.  She is currently Style Editor (Africa) for a women’s magazine.

As a lover of the arts, Edith is also deeply committed to promoting African fashion. Her hand bags and accessories have earned the reputation of being artistic and unique, as well as eye-catching and intriguing, yet with an undisputable emphasis on quality. 

Art and fashion are created to be shared, and this sharing begins with finding the right audience.   Edith seeks to bridge the gap between the lovers of uniqueness and hand-couture art.  Welcome to this world where hand-couture art reigns supreme.   Welcome to BILOTEcouture, where fashion and art unite. 

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