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3rd Party Plugins



Here is where people hate and love winamp. The preferences are rather extensive. I wouldn't say they are anywhere near as complex as say Foobar's, but for the average user who doesn't want to mess with it, its enough. Below I'll show you common things to adjust to speed up winamp and make it nice and tidy.

Below are images taken from my install, they dont represent a full winamp install as some preference pages are gone because I have uninstalled unwanted plugins. This is a clean install, so you will not see 3rd party plugins either.

General Preferences:

The two main things on this page are unchecking "check for new versions of winamp at startup" and "allow winamp to report anonymous usage statistics"

General Preferences

File Types:

Uncheck "Restore file associations at winamp startup" unless you notice other applications stealing. Also I like to check "enqueue files on double click" and selecting "All" for file associations.

File Types


I like to uncheck "show playlist item numbers" This removes the number on the playlist, which I think gives the playlist a cleaner look. This is also the section with playlist fonts. Using a monospaced font helps create a uniform look to your playlist.

But probably the most important thing on this page is the "manual playlist advance" --the most annoying feature of winamp to any new user who accidentally turns it on. If on, winamp will stop playing at the end of each track.



Metadata reading can greatly affect how fast winamp is when loading a large playlist or folder. If you aren't concerned with speed, choose the first option, otherwise opt for the 2nd, and if need be, the 3rd.

This page also has you Advanced Title Formatting string. The ATF string is the "title" of what is displayed in the playlist. It uses %tags% stored in the file itself or guessed from the filename. the "title" can also be used to sort the playlist. Remember "title" and %title% can easily be confused.



The only thing to adjust here is whether or not you are going to use replay gain. Replay gain adjusts the sound to equalize all your songs. Its a recently new feature in winamp.


Station Info, Video:

I generally don't touch anything on these two pages, so we can skip these.

Station InfoVideo

Global Hotkeys:

Global hotkeys are great because they allow you to keep winamp minimized and functional at the same time... just enable it, and add whichever extra hotkeys you like. DrO has also made more hotkeys that are available off of his website.

Global Hotkeys

Jump To File (Extra):

JTFE for short, was built by DrO, and is more robust form of JTF which was originally bundled with winamp.

Enqueue Options, Display, Enqueue List, Menus & Buttons, Misc

DrO packed JTFE with many forums requests as well:

Missing Files, Shell Options, ML Options

Media Library:

I have cut my media library down substantially vs. the full library. I prefer to only use the playlists, local storage, and online media. I've removed Dashboard, Now Playing, Bookmarks, History, Rip & Burn, Portables, and Shoutcast Wire.

Library Options, Online Media, Local Options, Watched Folders & Metadata, Online Services



There generally isn't any need to fiddle with input plugins, unless you plan on adding extra filetype support (shown below I've Added FLV support to in_dshow) or adjust formatting.

in_dshow, in_mp3


Configure Output to add gapless playback to files with older mp3 tags and to CDs.

out_ds 1, out_ds 2


All the default general plugins already have been adjusted above, I'll reserve all my general plugins in the 3rd party plugins section.

Media library:

The only adjustment that needs to be made is with ml_rg. Its very annoying otherwise. The remainder of my media library plugins will be covered in the 3rd party plugins section