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Winamp 5.32 Full : Component List

(aka: DJ EGG is a f***ing hero)

Detailed list of all modular features which can be deselected prior to installation:

Note, the following section is akin to Screen 2 of the installer.
Full details of Screens 1 to 8 can be found below.

Winamp Agent *
Filename: winampa.exe
Adds a system tray icon for quick access to winamp's menu/features.
Can also optionally maintain filetype associations, thus preventing other players like Real/QT/WMP from stealing them.

Winamp Library

1. Winamp Media Library
Filenames: Plugins\gen_ml.dll | 'plugins\ml' subfolder (library database)
The Media Library window, for:
building your music/video file database;
creating customizable views/smartlists;
mass editing file tags (eg. id3v1/v2 tags / vorbis comments / etc)
storing multiple playlists;
storing/editing bookmarks;
rating files (1 to 5 stars);
accessing the cd rip/burn gui;
Album info/cover lookups;
Streaming Media access (Internet TV/Radio, winamp.com music/videos);
and much much more (see additional ml plugins listed below).
Note that none of the core/extra ml_*.dll plugins listed below will load unless gen_ml.dll (the actual media library window) is present. If no ml_*.dll plugins are present then the Media Library will be completely empty (ie. there'll be no nodes/views at all in the left pane).

2. Core Media Library Components
Local Media, Playlists, CD Rip & Burn, Bookmarks, History, NowPlaying
Filenames: nde.dll (nullsoft database engine)
Plugins dir: ml_local.dll | ml_playlists.dll | ml_disc.dll | ml_bookmarks.dll | ml_history.dll | ml_nowplaying.dll

3. Transcoding Tool
Filename: ml_transcode.dll
Used to convert from one file format to another. Accessed via Playlist item's or Media Library entry's right-click menu > Send To > Format Converter.

4. Replay Gain Analysis Tool
Filenames: ml_rg.dll | ReplayGainAnalysis.dll (Plugins dir)
Used for volume levelling, to try make all music files play at approximately the same volume. More info here.

5. Winamp Dashboard
Filename: ml_dash.dll (Plugins dir)
An optional homepage/portal for the Media Library

6. Shoutcast Wire
Filename: ml_wire.dll
Allows you to subscribe to and download podcasts from ipodder.org directory

7. Online Media (aka: Media Library > Online Services)
Filename: ml_online.dll
Replacement in 5.2+ for old Online Media section.
(Shoutcast Radio/TV, Winamp/AOL music & videos, XM Radio, Singing Fish search)

8. MusicIP Mix (fka: Predixis MusicMagic / bundled 3rd-party plugin)
Filename: ml_xpdxs.dll
Analyzes media library database and allows you to create 20-track playlists of tracks with similar acoustics. Requires Win2k or higher (ie. uncheck if installing on Win9x).

9. Portable Media Player Support (ml_pmp.dll)
i) iPod support (pmp_ipod.dll)
ii) Creative Labs support (Zen Micro, Nomad Jukebox, etc) (pmp_njb.dll)
iii) MS Plays for Sure support (pmp_p4s.dll) (requires WinXP sp1 or higher)
iv) USB Device Support, for usb devices which mount as a drive (pmp_usb.dll)
v) Microsoft ActiveSync Device Support, for Windows Mobile powered Pocket PCs and Smartphones (pmp_activesync.dll) (requires latest MS ActiveSync to be installed)

Modern Skin Support
Filename: gen_ff.dll | 'plugins\freeform' dir
Adds support for Modern Skins (wal files)
Without it, you will only be able to use classic 2.x skins (wsz files).

User Interface Extensions

1. Global Hotkey Support *
Filename: gen_hotkeys.dll
Adds support for using keyboard hotkeys to control Winamp's basic functions even when Winamp isn't the active app.
Configurable via: Prefs > Global Hotkeys

2. Extended Jump to File Support *
Filename: gen_jumpex.dll
Enhances Winamp's built-in Jump to File window (Playlist > J / F3).
Adds Winamp3-style support for queuing files to be played next, amongst many other awesome features...

3. Nullsoft Tray Control *
Filename: gen_tray.dll 
Adds an option for showing Play/Stop/Next/Prev icons in systray.

Audio File Support

1. Windows Media Audio (WMA)
Filenames: in_wm.dll | enc_wma.dll
Adds support for WMA playback & encoding to WMA with Winamp's CD Ripper

Filename: in_midi.dll | read_file.dll
Adds support for playback of many MIDI formats.

Filename: in_mod.dll | read_file.dll
Adds support for playback of module file formats.

4. OGG Vorbis Playback
Filename: in_vorbis.dll
Adds support for playback of .ogg audio

5. AAC/aacPlus Encoding
Filenames: enc_aacplus.dll | libmp4v2.dll
Adds support for encoding to AAC, AAC+ and M4A with Winamp's CD Ripper.

6. MP3 Encoding
Filenames: enc_lame.dll | lame_enc.dll (LAME Encoder)
Adds support for encoding to MP3 with the CD Ripper (only available in Winamp Pro, otherwise locked).

7. MP4 Support
Filenames: libmp4v2.dll | in_mp4.dll (Winamp\Plugins) | aacPlusDecoder.w5s (Winamp\System)
Adds support for playback of M4A/MP4 Audio.

8. FLAC Support
Filenames: in_flac.dll | enc_flac.dll
Adds support for FLAC playback & encoding to FLAC with the CD Ripper.

9. CD Playback and Extraction *
Filename: in_cdda.dll
Adds support for Audio CD playback with Digital Audio Extraction.

10. Sonic Ripping/Burning Support (bundled 3rd-party app/engine)
Filenames: pxsdkpls.dll (pre-5.22) | primosdk.dll (post-5.22) | burnlib.dll (winamp dir).
px.dll | pxdrv.dll | pxmas.dll | pxwave.dll | pxwma.dll | pxcpya64.exe | pxcpyi64.exe | pxhpinst.exe | pxinsa64.exe | pxinsi64.exe | vxblock.dll (%system% dir).
pxhelp20.sys | cdralw2k.sys | cdr4_2k.sys (Win2k) | cdr4_xp.sys (WinXP) | pxhelper.vxd (Win98SE/ME) | pxhelper.sys (WinNT4) (%system%\drivers dir).
Adds 3rd-party support for Burning CD's (at 4x speed with Winamp Full, at unlimited speed with Winamp Pro).
Requires a reboot on first install for Sonic Engine to be properly registered.
Not recommended to install under Win9x (says it supports Win98SE up, but I'm not so sure).
Also not recommended to install under Windows Vista.
You should uncheck this option if any Roxio burning software is installed.
You should also be wary of this option if any other Sonic products (MyDVD, RecordNow, etc) or MS Digital Photo Suite are installed (more info).
Note: You can still use the CD Ripper if you uncheck this feature and if aspi/wnaspi32.dll is installed (details).

11. CDDB for recognizing CD's
Filenames: CDDBControlWinamp.dll | CDDBUIWinamp.dll
Adds support for looking up Artist/Album/Title/etc info for Audio CD's.

Filenames: in_wave.dll | libsndfile.dll 
Adds support for playback of waveform formats.

Video File Support

1. Windows Media Video (WMV, ASF)
Filename: in_wm.dll
Adds support for WMV/ASF playback

2. Nullsoft Video (NSV)
Filenames: in_nsv.dll | nsvdec_vp5.dll | nsvdec_vp6.dll
Adds support for playback of Nullsoft Streaming Video (.nsv) & Audio (.nsa) eg. via: Media Library > Online Services > Shoutcast TV.

Filename: in_dshow.dll
Adds playback support for any audio/video formats which use system DirectShow filters (extra file extensions such as OGM AC3 MKV DAT MOV RMVB MP4 WAV etc can be added manually, but require the corresponding DS Filter to be already installed on your system).


Self-explanatory vis plugins...

1. Nullsoft Tiny Screen *
Filename: vis_nsfs.dll

2. Advanced Visualization Studio
Filename: vis_avs.dll | 'plugins\avs' dir (presets)

3. Milkdrop
Filename: vis_milk.dll | 'plugins\milkdrop' dir (presets)

Extra Audio Output/Effect Support

1. Signal Processor Studio plugin
Filename: dsp_sps.dll
Adds options to use various sound effects (eg. mono, chorus, reverb, pitch, etc).

2. Support for writing WAV files
Filename: out_disk.dll
Diskwriter - for converting from one format to another (default is PCM WAV, but supports all system ACM codecs).

3. DirectSound Output Support *
Filename: out_ds.dll
Default playback Output plugin on Win2k/XP systems (do NOT uncheck).
Also provides support for:
multi-speaker output, gapless playback and built-in crossfader.
Further configuration/troubleshooting info here.

4. Line-in Support *
Filename: in_linein.dll
Adds support for linein:// input (via: Add/Open URL Dialog)
mainly for use with Winamp Visualization plugins.


* = Included with Winamp Lite


Files installed by default (not optional)

'Winamp' dir

1. winamp.exe
The main Winamp executable

2. Winamp.q1
Equalizer presets file.

3. UninstWA.exe
Winamp uninstaller

4. winampmb.htm (5.22 and earlier)
The offline minibrowser.
Used in 'Media Library > Now Playing' if no internet connection available.

5. winamp.lks (5.22 and earlier)
Winamp Links file.
Links used in 'Media Library > Now Playing > More' button.

6. whatsnew.txt
Winamp history / changelog.
Used in About Box > Version History tab.

7. msvcr71.dll (pre 5.22) | nscrt.dll (5.22 and later)
Required core runtime library

8. unicows.dll (Win9x only)
Required for unicode/international character support

'Winamp\Plugins' dir

9. in_mp3.dll
Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder
Provides playback support for MP3, MP2, MP1, AAC, AACPlus audio.

10. out_wave.dll
WaveOut Output for normal playback (default on Win9x).
Win2k/XP users should use DirectSound Output instead.

'Winamp\System' dir

11. jnetlib.w5s
Global library used by most input plugins for internet connectivity / playback of streams

12. aacPlusDecoder.w5s
Used by in_mp3, in_mp4 and in_nsv for decoding aacPlus audio content (raw aac or in mp4/m4a or nsv container).

13. tagz.wsz
Provides support for global Advanced Title Formatting

14. xml.w5s
Installed with Modern Skin Support & Shoutcast Wire, and is also required by ml_playlists.dll to export/read the list of stored library playlists to/from playlists.xml

15. png.w5s
Only installed with Modern Skin support

16. watcher.w5s
The scanner for Media Library > Local Media > Watch Folders

17. playlist.w5s
Used in conjunction with ml_playlists.dll (for stored library playlists)

18. db.w5s
SQLite database library. Currently used to create the local cddb database (cdinfo.db3), with future plans to use for creating/maintaining the ml local media database...


Config files automatically created after first run

Winamp dir:

1. winamp.ini
Stores most settings from Winamp Prefs (Ctrl+P)

2. studio.xnf
Stores size/position/config of all modern skins

3. winamp.pic
Winamp Plug-in Cache
An internal database list of all dsp/vis/enc/ml plugins installed.
Can be humanly read with Notepad.
Can be flushed via: Prefs > Plugins > flush plugin name cache

4. winamp.m3u
The contents of the current winamp playlist (only saved on exit).

5. winamp.bm
Winamp Bookmark List.
Used in Media Library > Bookmarks.
Only created after adding first bookmark.

'Winamp\Plugins' dir:

1. plugin.ini
Some 3rd-party plugins store config in here

2. gen_ml.ini
Media Library config file.
Stores settings and Views list.
(actual database stored in "plugins\ml" dir)

3. in_cdda.cdb (pre 5.31) | cdinfo.db3 (5.31+)
CDDB Database
Stores data for any Audio CD titles read by online cddb.


Winamp Installer Details & Guide

Screen 1:
Accept the licence agreement.
Click "Next"

Screen 2:
Installation Type
Full | Standard | Lite | Minimal | Previous | Custom 
Select components/plugins/features to install (see above for details).
Click "Next"

Screen 3:
Choose Install Options
-Start Menu Group (places Winamp shortcuts in Start > Programs)
-Desktop icon (places Winamp shortcut on Desktop)
-Quicklaunch Icon (places Winamp shortcut in QuickLaunch toolbar)
-System Tray Icon / Agent (places Winamp Agent in systray - see above for more info)
-Associate with Audio Files (makes Winamp the default player for all supported audio formats)
-Associate with Video Files (makes Winamp the default player for all supported video formats)
-Associate with Audio CDs (makes Winamp the default CD Player)
-Associate with playlist files (makes Winamp the default .m3u & .pls handler)
-Emusic.com icon and offer for 50 free mp3's (bundle versions only)

Uncheck what you don't want and click "Next"

Screen 4:
Select "Destination Folder".
The default folder is: "C:\Program Files\Winamp"
To change it, either type in the path yourself,
Or manually create an appropriate folder first, eg.
(where X is the correct drive letter)
and then use the Browse button to locate said folder.

Screen 5:
Multi-user settings
-Shared settings for all users (saves config files to Winamp installation dir)
-Separate settings per user (saves config files to user's Application Data dir)
-Use existing settings (grayed-out for shared settings/if no paths.ini found)
-Copy settings to the new place (from x to y) (only visible on upgrades and if selecting 'separate settings' when installing on top of a version using 'shared settings')

Screen 6:
Internet Connection Type
-Select Internet Connection Type:
Always Connected (LAN, DSL, Cable) | Dial-up modem | No connection.
-Type in http proxy server address, only if relevant (otherwise, leave blank).
-Codecs and system libraries: Download and install (if required):
This is checkmarked by default. What it does is download the Windows Media 9.1 Codecs (approx. 5mb) from microsoft.com, but only if you select any of the three Windows Media Audio/Video/Encoder features in Screen 2, and you don't already have the required codecs installed on your system.
Click "Next"

Screen 7
Choose skin
Select default Modern skin, or built-in 2.x Classic base skin, or other 3rd-party skin.
Click "Install"

Winamp installs....

Screen 8:
User Information
Email address & ZIP code are not required (optional).
Uncheck any other options, if you wish
('Send me winamp announcements', 'Allow anonymous usage statistics').
Click "Send" to send registration info, or "Later" to not send.
If selecting "Later", then you could/should also checkmark "do not ask again until next install", otherwise the reg screen will reappear next time you close & reopen winamp.
If "Later" is clicked, then Winamp just opens.
If "Send" is clicked, then at this point you should get a notification from your firewall stating that Winamp is trying to access the internet. If so, then be sure to grant internet access to winamp.exe
A confirmation screen appears.
Click "Run Winamp" (or "Close Winamp" if you don't want it to open)

Winamp Opens