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  1. We are expert in assist you to plan your Estate Planning via Will Writing and we are License by FPAM License No.C133. Click here 

  2. We also provide Claim Services. Click here

  3. We buy and sell Landed Property especially in Taiping & Kamunting Town, we give you better price and sell you with reasonable price. All Sales & Purchase Agreement prepare by our Company Panel Lawyers. Click here

  4. We contributed to media. Click here

  5. We buy your used vehicle by transfering the ownership on the Spot via Online Transfer and we sell New Car and Used Car with A Comprehensive Report from Puspakom which call B7 to keep you inform of the car actual Condition. We provide a Search Report about the car to confirm NO POLICE BLACKLIST, NO JPJ BLACKLIST & NO CAVEAT and provide transfer House to House car transfer ownership without you going to RIMV. Click here