Just A Name

By Billy

Summary:  In response to Quick Pick - Dog  - I wrote this a long time ago for Quick Pick Green but never posted it.  A look into how Billy may have got his name.  

Ratings: PG

Words: 210 

Copyright May 2008 

Spring was in the air, providing a warm breeze. Fresh green buds starting to show on the trees. A mother and her small child, no more than three years old, walked through the park. He had a toy aeroplane in one hand and a helicopter in the other and was flying them, with his arms out, as he toddled beside his mother. Heading towards them was a man walking his dog.

Look, Mommy,” said the young boy excitedly as he pointed. “Doggy, woof, woof.”

On passing, the black and white, rough haired Border Collie stopped in front of the young child. The child held out his hand and giggled as the dog licked it.  The dog’s master walked past the mother and child, nodding at the mother as he passed, as if to say good day.

Come, boy!” said the dog’s master.

The dog continued to look at the child, tail wagging and sniffing.

Billy! Come!” said the dog’s master in a sterner voice, patting his hand against his leg. With this, the dog’s ears pricked, it gave a playful bark at the child, and continued past to follow his master.

The child looked up to his mother. “Mommy, when I’m bigger, I’m going to have a dog called Billy.”

~ END ~


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