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Welcome to Billy's crazy world of A-Team fan fiction!

Firstly, this site was moved by Google... and some of the formatting needs addressing.  So eventually, I'll try and come along and tidy up.  For the time being, I'm happy with the move.  Means I don't have to do this all over again. 

I'm currently studying an online writing course with the Writer's Bureau, which is keeping me busy.  I am now on Twitter.  I have more of the Lies series to write and I will get there, it's just trying to juggle fanfiction with my assignments. 

Eventually I'll update this site, but for the time being, I'll just put links to any new stories on my site. 

I am about, so you can follow me over on my live journal too!

Thanks, Billy

(Update 23 October 2010)

Calling all refugees from the A-Team Shrine and anyone else who fancies chatting about the team with other A-Team fans.  

There's a new A-Team website and forum and it's called the A-Team Resource Page - check it out!  And join the Forum to discuss all things A-Team!
But also keep in mind the A-Team Fans Community over on Live Journal.  You can comment anonymously, or register with Live Journal and you can post entries and start discussions.   More A-Team fans on Live Journal can only be a good thing. 

My plot bunnies seem to revolve around Amy, so if you are a big Amy fan (like me), then hopefully you will enjoy my stories.  

And of course, I just love Face.  So I do tend to have a lot of Face in my stories, too.   I just can't help but mix up these two.

Oh and a warning - I don't do slash!  So if you are looking for slash stories, I'm sorry, you've come to the wrong place.  My only kind of slash is Amy/Face ;o) 


You'll notice "comments" dotted about, if I've remembered, at the bottom of each story.  I'll be interested to have feedback, know if you've enjoyed the story (or not).  What you liked/disliked, that sort of thing, as there is always room for improvement in my next story!

I need to thank the Capping Queens over on the Shrine for all my wonder images that I've dotted around this site.  I'm even going to create a page just for Facey and how sexy he is!!! 

Hope you enjoy my stories, and thank you for visiting my website.

Billy  x


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  • House Of Lies - Part 8 of the A Beautiful Lies series - I've started posting!!! It is completely posted over on (not sure when I'll find the time to update here fully).

Four Wishes 

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