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Billy-Blast-Off And The Surf Rockets - Demo (February 2007) dotdotdotdotdot

Billy-Blast-Off And The Surf Rockets are close cousins of the Detonators, but are different in many ways. these 5 instros have been gathered from web sources and received as demos, but I think they warrant exposure. Some very good material here!

Picks: Albatross, Pipeline, Out Of Control, Funnel of Love

Albatross () starstarstarstarstar
Surf Instrumental (Stereo)
This is a superb and very moody surf take on Fleetwood Mac's classic "Albatross." Spatially eerie in a wash of deep reverb, the surf plays out across a black seascape where danger rides in on dark tubes, settling into a gentle glide across the placid waters of the lagoon. I love this!

Pipeline () starstarstarstar
Surf Instrumental (Stereo)
This is a very straight forward cover of the Chantays' classic masterpiece "Pipeline." More gentle than their alter ego the Detonators' way with it, it's smooth and mysterious and silken liquid. Billy-Blast-Off And The Surf Rockets also titled this version "Clint's Pipeline."

Out Of Control () starstarstarstar
Surf Instrumental (Stereo)
Scary slow introduction and feedback give way to great rhythms and rockin' assault. The gradual shift through the wah wah (or phase shifter) gives this original a sense of space and danger. Thoroughly cool!

Funnel of Love () starstarstarstarstar
Surf Instrumental (Stereo)
The moody starkness of "Funnel of Love" in the opening gives way to a basic progression that portrays a lonely place. This very cool track is quite hopeless emotionally at times, and cautiously optimistic at others. This is very cool!