Experiencing counselling

Whatever our concerns, when our difficulties just seem too much, we know how good it can feel just to talk with someone close, whatever its lasting impact. There are times though when we need to talk with someone not connected with our life situation, someone we feel we can trust completely with our most personal thoughts and feelings, someone we feel we can depend on to hold our wellbeing as their highest priority.

In counselling we can talk confidentially about things that you want to talk about, in a way which values you and does not judge you or the difficulties you face. My intention will always be to understand your personal concerns, whatever they may be, as closely as possible, as they are for you, in your life situation.

Through this process you can come to feel accepted and understand yourself and your difficulties, as they are. Hopefully, you can come to know what matters most for you and find the best ways for you to meet the challenges which you face.

While confidentiality is always of the highest priority, it is challenged legally if, for example, it emerges that the safety of someone, including yourself, is seriously threatened. Any arising, or anticipated need to break confidentiality would always be pointed out and discussed with you first.