Billtown Brewers Guild

Winner!  There is someone from the Museum event that has the "Homebrewer for the Day" Certificate.  Please email us with the contact us by email, or Facebook.  The sooner the better so we can plan the day.   - must present the coupon*
11/12 - We are still waiting for our winner.

Located along the Susquehanna River's beautiful West Branch, we are based in and around the greater Williamsport Area.

We are the areas official home brewers club and growing monthly.  Based off of an idea to gather those of us with the common bond of enjoying the creation of fine quality, hand crafted beers from our own homes, this group's goal is to enjoy, learn, and hopefully improve the processes that we call brewday.

Formerly the West Branch Brewers, we've done a little house cleaning, renamed, and reorganized.

We are registered with AHA and  

Please visit us at our Facebook page for our most current updates.

You can also contact us by email.

November 20,

This is our last M&G for the year.  Mark your calendars, tell your friends, bring your wife or kids if you want to.

We are having a welcoming get together on November 20th, 7 pm.  We are going to be at Riepstines Pub in Newberry for this once again.

We're planning on a different schedule for these next year.

Grab yourself a drink and come meet some of our group.   This event is a gateway for involvement in more of our club activities.

The requirements for membership are very simple at this time.  You need to be a homebrewer, and you need to attend a meet and greet.

Feel free to RSVP to our email address, so we know who to look for.

Good brewing and see you there!


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