Books that I've Read

Zero Balance

Ashley Fontainne

Last year I entered a book drawing in support of a new author I had met. Ms. Ashley Fontainne was giving away a couple of signed copies of her debut novel, Accountable to None. I usually don’t read in the genre that she writes in but once I began reading Accountable to None I was caught by surprise. I found that I could not put the book down and was taking it with me to work to read on lunch breaks. With her first novel, Ms Fontainne had me reading out of my genre and liking it! As a Matter of fact, the last paragraph of my review for Accountable to None read;


Between the trailer she produced for the story and the story itself, it is clear that Ms Ashley Fontainne is nothing less than talented. I expect that we will be hearing from Ms Fontainne quite a bit in the future. I for one am looking forward to it.


For anyone who had any concerns that the Sequel in Ms. Fontainne's Eviscerating the Snake series would not be as good as the first, I can assure that Zero Balance is as every bit the thriller that Accountable to None was. I can say that Ashley Fontainne will not be disappointing her fans at all with her second outing as a writer. Out of all the twists and turns that Zero Balance takes to thrill her readers, there was one twist that really knocked me on my butt. I did not see it coming and was quite astonished when I read it. But hey, you will have to get your own copy to see where I am coming from.


Ms Ashley Fontainne has written two very exhilarating novels in her Eviscerating the Snake series, Accountable to None and Zero Balance. With both, she has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is capable of writing and holding the attention of her readers. Pay attention to this Author because the future is now and I don't see Ms. Ashley Fontainne going away anytime soon!


Accountable to None
Ashley Fontainne

My first introduction to Ms Ashley Fontainne was at her Goodreads author page. I had just finished watching the trailer for her novel Accountable to None. Immediately, I left her a message. Being someone who has wanted to make a trailer for my own book, I felt compelled to let Ms Fontainne know that I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Each frame was a chapter describing a book that I would be interested in reading. Accountable to None is a story of a woman who takes five years of her life planning her revenge on those who have brutalized her or let it happen. In the process, Audra discovers others who have suffered at the hands of the powerful and greedy, partners of Winscott & Associates and finds herself avenging them as well.

I downloaded a sample of Accountable to None and soon afterwards, learned that Ms Ashley Fontainne was giving away copies of the novel at The Kindle and Me; a blog hosted by Anjana Vasan. A couple of days after I registered to win, I received an e-mail announcing that I had won a signed copy. This was great, for I had finished the sample and was prepared to purchase the full copy. Not only that but upon winning a copy, I came to realize that I was meant to read this book.

Accountable to None was everything I had hoped it would be and more. It was compelling and entertaining. There were moments in the book that touched me. Moments that would put a lump in a lesser man’s throat. Who am I kidding? I damn near reached for the Kleenex a couple of times. And then the ending, this is where that fifth star comes into my rating of this story. I will not give it away, I can only say that it was quite fun and delicious.

Between the trailer she produced for the story and the story itself, it is clear that Ms Ashley Fontainne is nothing less than talented. I expect that we will be hearing from Ms Fontainne quite a bit in the future. I for one am looking forward to it.


Burn Baby Burn

Jake Barton

Burn Baby Burn was the first ebook and independent author that I have read. Two milestones there. The third was that I bought it for 99 cents. Who ever heard of purchasing a new novel for 99 cents. I remember hoping that I wasn’t getting what I paid for.

It is not long after you begin the story that  you begin to see characters develop. Jake Barton has a way of writing so that you are not merely focusing on the one main character in the story, but you are finding something in all the characters that you can associate with. That also goes to say that he did a terrific job of making me see the characters. I think that if Jake Barton were offered a movie deal with Burn Baby Burn, Jude Law would play a good Dexter.

Burn Baby Burn @ Amazon

At the beginning of the story, Jake Barton went full throttle with his Suspense/Thriller. The writing was smooth and he was good with the twists and the turns that the story took. There were a couple of times when I thought I knew what was going to happen, but then, like a roller coaster ride I was once on, the track I thought we were on went that way and the car went in a totally different direction. I wrapped my arms tight around the bars that held me in my seat.  Having said that, the end of the story was good and had one of those turns in it.

Jake Barton has Burn Baby Burn up for sale at several sites But I bought my copy at Amazon.  He sells it for 99 cents but I would have been willing to pay more for it.

I began reading the story on a Kindle App for the Android phone and ended up finishing it on a Kindle that was given to me as a gift. I enjoy reading on my Kindle and I’m looking forward to reading another on it by Jake Barton.


Fatal Revenant

The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant


Stephen R. Donaldson

I don't even feel worthy of reviewing a novel by Stephen R Donaldson. Click on the image above and go to the Amazon page where you'll find reviews by those who felt bold enough to write one. 


Earth Abides

George R Stewart

It is the only book I have read by George R Stewart and I to say that it is my favorite. As a teenager I first read this story back in the late 1970's. Without knowing the date it was first published I assumed that it was a more recent story. Stewart wrote this story in a way that made it timeless. George R stewart won the International Fantasy Award for this novel in 1951.



Cambria Herbert

In an age where we all seem to be a lot busier than we really need to be, Cambria Herbert comes up with a short story that is told in a way that brings the reader into it quickly. And for someone who lacks a lot of free time lately, it was a pleasure to be able to jump into a good story and complete it without worrying about when I would be able to pick it up again. 

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