Published Fiction

“What A Man Must Do” – In Aoifes Kiss, Issue 30, September 2009.

Lee Parker and his squad face against a droid army and are challenged by more than just their fire power.

“Late Bloomer” – In Every Day Fiction, December, 2008.

When Mary Katherine Cooper was twenty years old, she looked like she was fourteen. In Twenty-first Century American culture, this is not often a desirable attribute. "Late Bloomer" takes a look at our culture's focus on physical attributes.

“The Roses Thorn” – In Tales of Fantasy, Summer, 2007 from Kerlak Publishing

Marah wanted to be more beautiful to attract the attention of a young man for whom she longed. Fortunately for her, she knew a wizard!

“The Dragon of Yellow Wood” – May 2006, Surprising Stories

July 2006 Better Fiction

"The Dragon of Yellow Wood" is another of the Siliar stories. This one looks at a different side of the world order and departs from most traditional fantasy approaches. In this, Shreg the Watchful faces two attractive choices, knowing that the selection of one eliminates the other.

"An intriguing story that picks up energy and tension as it moves towards its climax... A nice job of writing."
Terry Weide

“Against the Shaman” – December 2005, Better Fiction: 2005 Year in Review

"Against the Shaman" is set in the Siliar world. In it, a young student of magic struggles to find significance in his station in life. It is tempting for him to bide his time until later, but he is challenged by the present to do otherwise.

High Pass Bridge” – September 2005 with Anthony Snodgrass, Nth Degree

Sergeant Idryan leads the Second Squad to investigate trouble at High Pass Bridge. He finds that, for his men, struggles within are often as difficult as struggles outwardly.

“Ultimate Weapon” – April 2005, AtFantasy

Rogin finds himself given an easy assignment for his realm, but though his duties are quite comfortable, his mind is troubled.

"I've just read your story, and it was really good... I thoroughly enjoyed the story and found it to be the sort of thing that I've been wanting to write."
Johne (Phy) Cook

“Too Shy” – February 2005, Revolution Science Fiction

February 2007 (Reprint), Haruah: Breath of Heaven

By day, the manager of a software development team, by night an on-line role-playing gamer. Jeff's role playing develops an unexpected twist in this contemporary cyberspace romance.

"I just read your story over on Revolution SF, and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. It was nice to read a short story like that without having to deal with the expletives and adult situations that are so commonly found in many other sf&f works. Keep on writing. :-)"
Joe, a Revolution SF reader

“Silent Past” – January 2005, Deep Magic. (No longer in print.)

As a child, Seanis suffered a tragic loss in her life. In this story, set in Deep Magic's world of Kenatos, she struggles to put the past behind her and to find her place in society -- as a warrior among the Wilderknights.

“Freedom's Fire” – Spring 2005, In Unparalleled Journeys short story anthology

Taken from the distant history of Siliar, "Freedom's Fire" recounts the trials of Korgoth, a young (by dwarven standards) slave to the dragons.

"... “Freedom’s Fire” ... introduces you to a young dwarf named Korgoth... Snodgrass weaves the action and adventure with a detailed culture and setting in a manner that allows the story to stand on its own. ...overall it was a very enjoyable read." Scott M. Sandridge

“The Total Embodiment of Frustration” – September 2004, Deep Magic. (No longer in print.)

February 2007 (Reprint), Teen-Age Magazine

A near-future science fiction story. Have you ever felt out of control? This science fiction short story places you in a terrifying situation with global consequences.

“My Name is Jim” – Fall 2004, Amazing Journeys Magazine

April 2006, The Sword Review
December 2006, Ray Gun Revivial

Nominated for the 2004 Fountain Award, a ‘best of year’ speculative fiction award offered by the Speculative Literature Foundation.

"My Name is Jim" is a science fiction story set in Earth's near future. Jim is an asteroid miner who experiences an accident that changes his life - and his way of thinking.

"It's a great story. After I read it I stayed awake all night thinking about its implications. When a story keeps me awake at night I have to print it."
Ed Knight, Editor

"... a deftly scribed story of interplanetary proletarian prejudice.... Snodgrass manages his exposition with good style and also manages to build a suspenseful story out of ordinary events, at least as ordinary applies to mining colonies on asteroids...." Daniel E. Blackston, Review

“A Change in Winds” – with Anthony Snodgrass, August 2004, AtFantasy. (No longer in print.)

Written with his 15 year old son, this is a story depicts a moment in Xander's life that leads to great change.

“The Potato Farmer of Jamescamp” – Summer 2004, Amazing Journeys Magazine

Weldon, a man with an unsavory past offers his help dealing with a band of ogres that have attacked the mines in Jamescamp.

Non-fiction Publications

"Unforgettable Eyes - Seeing Teen Depression For What it Is" - March 2007, Teen-Age Magazine.

Teenage depression is a problem that seems never to go away. In this article to teen readers, the problem is presented as a potent anecdote and helpful advice is provided.

"The Effect of Group Adventure Education Activities on Four Characteristics of Group Process: Leadership, Trust, Belonging, and Prejudice Reduction" - with Troy L. Gafford and Michael G. Huffman.

Presented at the Convention of the Southern District of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, January 26-30, 1994, Nashville Tennessee.

Published in Teamwork 2000 - Positive Energy: Research Council Proceedings Conference Abstracts of SDAAHPRED Convention, January 25-30, 1994, Brown and Benchmark Publishers, Dubuque, IA

"Gender Influences on Free-Choice Center Selection in Kindergarten"

Published 2002, Global Visions for Counseling Professionals, Vol 6, No 1,
pp 37 - 42