Rules of BIG T

  • The main rule of the BIG T is to have FUN! That's what we are here for!!!
  • The whole idea of the BIG T is to go against most Golf Rules. It's Backyard Golf People! Example: when someone on the opposing team is teeing up their next shot, trash talking them is fully permitted and encouraged!
  • Dress Code: We don't need no Stinkin' dress code. Come however you want! Dressed to have FUN!!! See how outlandish you can get!
  • Golfers can only carry one wedge club. Pitching Wedge Only Please. The entire game will be played with the one club you choose.
  • The course will consist of 9 Holes, being par 3 and 4. We will play a full round of 18.
  • The BIG T will be a scramble type tournament. Playing the best hit ball on your team for the stroke being played. So when you hit a bad shot hopefully your partner will come through for you!
  • The course has Sand Traps and water Hazards! Because the almostGOLF balls float you will be required to play out of a water hazard or add an additional stroke to your score.
  • If the almostGOLF ball can't be played from the water, you will be required to drop the ball no closer to the hole from where the ball entered the water and add one stroke to overall score for that hole.
  • All gravel drives and flower beds are considered a hazard. If your ball comes to rest in these hazards you are required to drop the almostGOLF ball to no closer to the hole and add one stroke to overall score for that hole. Or hit out of the hazard.
  • If your swing is restricted by an obstacle i.e. trees, house, woods, bushes, you are required to drop the almostGOLF ball no closer to the hole and add one stroke to overall score for that hole.
  • Sand Traps will be marked on the course with paint. When a ball lands in the confines of the trap, you must cover your ball completely with a full cup of sand and play out of the sand trap on your next stroke. See course diagram for holes with sand traps.
  • The hole being played consists of 1 ring. If your ball lands in the circle, that ball is considered "in the hole" and you are done with that hole. If your ball lands in the circle and is still touching the ring...its considered "in the hole" So aim for the Flag!!!

  • If the ball being played hits in the circle and bounces out, you must continue play until one of the teams almostGOLF balls   enters one of the circles.
  • Everyone on a team will take a shot at the hole. If any one of the 4 balls lands in the circle that hole is considered complete.
  • Do Not remove flag pins. They might actually benefit you if you hit one!
  • The winning team is the team with the actual lowest recorded score. In the event there is a tie, there will be a shoot off between the teams. Only one golfer from each team will play (so pick the best golfer) a hole until someone wins that hole.
  • The winning team will get a BIG T trophy, then return next year to defend their title of BIG T Champions!