Course Layout

**Hole #1 - Par 3 - Yardage 61 - The tee box is at the Big T Club House. You will drive over 3 obstacles and finish up on the edge of the water hazard! aka The Pond.

**Hole #2 - Par 3 - Yardage 57 - Oh Yeah Baby! We going off the pier on this hole! You either make a good shot into the trees on this one, or the rescue boat will be retrieving your ball. Better hope someone on your team makes it over the water!

**Hole #3 - Par 3- Yardage 69 - Just as you think you are done with the comes another water crossing. Or if you want to play around the's your call. Will it be the right one?

**Hole #4 - Par 3 - Yardage 88 - This hole will be tricky. There is a left dog leg on this hole. But don't get to close to the tree line
.... be very careful or your almostGOLF ball will be lost to Big Creek forever! Maybe the cheering section on the back grandstand will help improve your score on this hole.

**Hole #5 - Par 3 - Yardage 56 - Hole 5 appears rather simple. This hole is on a slight slope, which could mess your game up, that coupled with a large sand trap might make you think you are having a bad dream.

**Hole #6 - Par 3 - Yardage 77 - Six has many unnoticeable obstacles. Slow and easy on this hole will prevail in the end.

**Hole #7 - Par 4- Yardage 88 - Another long drive off the tee box, but beware, it is up hill. The driveway (hazard) on your right and pine trees on your left and a sand trap right in the middle. Your shot has to be perfect to make par on this uphill battle.

**Hole #8 - Par 4- Yardage 124 - You will still be cussing hole 8 many days after the BIG T is over. 8 is the most narrow fairway you will play all day! Just as you think you are out of the woods, a water hazard appears (The BLACK HOLE) with the flag pin sitting behind it.

**Hole #9 - Par 3 - Yardage 78 - Another finish at the water! Careful dont over shoot the pin or you might just have to play out of the water! Because yes the almostGOLF ball does float!